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Siste Dağlar

About Us

As Köksal Law Firm, we offer the most accurate legal consultancy and advocacy services in Ankara and Hamburg, combining our innovative and dynamic approach in the national and international arena with our experience, in Turkish, English and German languages, in line with the needs of our clients, taking into account the nature of the business, the dispute and the sectoral requirements. Furthermore, we provide legal services to foreign nationals in visa applications, immigration, establishing companies, real estate purchases and citizenship procedures.

Our vision

Based on the idea that the future will always rise on the shoulders of the youth, that the experienced have the duty to support them, that development is based on science, that the greatest enlightenment will be through education, and humanity will be through sincerity, honesty, work and truth; Our aim is to be objective in our duties towards our clients, which we will undertake within the framework of the "rule of law", which we accept universally, and to reach the most accurate result within the framework of law with our young lawyer colleagues.

Our Mission

Although it seems like a dream (utopia); our mission is to achieve the goal of "protection and development of human rights and fundamental freedoms", to work within the framework of universality of law and equality of arms principles in the resolution of disputes and most fundamentally to support "SUPERIORITY OF LAW" and justice. By removing the social structures that hinder, pollute, damage, and destroy societies, ensuring “justice is realized”, and ensuring “humane” living standards for all. Regardless of their same beliefs, color, country, gender, education, social status, income, politicalside and social traditions.



Protecting the right to live humanely, not to be subjected to torture, bullying, inhuman or degrading attitudes and treatments. Working towards a world governed within the framework of human rights and freedoms, in which no individual is to be treated as a slave or servitude and forced to work against their will, that no one is deprived of their freedoms, and everyone's rights and obligations are defended. A humane and peaceful social life where people are tried by independent, impartial courts and judges with a developed sense of justice, where there are no unlawful and arbitrary punishments, where personal and collective family life is respected, where everyone has the freedom of thought, religion, conscience, and expression. Working for the days when civil movements are supported, the right to marry and to found a family is protected, the right to an effective remedy is respected, there is no discrimination in any sense, no one will be subjected to violence for any reason or motive, and billions of people will live in harmony on our tiny world. Hoping the world is moving towards this future and contributing the best we can towards it through our legal work. 

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