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Legal Status of Offices in Different Cities

Ankara Office and Hamburg Office, the information of which is given in the "Contact" section, are two independent law offices registered with the bar associations in the relevant city and operating with their own independent tax records.  


Ankara Office operates under the tax registration of Leyla Elen Köksal, a lawyer registered to Ankara Bar Association.  

The Hamburg Office operates under the tax registration of Bahadır Köksal, a lawyer registered with the Hamburg Bar Association.


Beyond the professional cooperation between these two law firms from time to time, there is no business partnership, ordinary partnership, shareholding, representation, profit or income sharing or any other legal, financial, financial or other relationship or connection. Both law firms continue their professional activities with complete independence. The legal, financial, financial and professional responsibility of each independent law firm is exclusively limited to its clients, services provided by it, its own team and personnel. Both law firms carry out their activities in accordance with professional rules and ethics. 

Content and Advertising

The information on this website is provided by Köksal Law Firm for information purposes only, in accordance with the professional rules of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations and the current Attorneyship Law.

The information on this website;

-does not have an advertising nature or any commercial purpose,


-cannot be used for any other purpose contrary to the professional rules of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations,

-cannot be considered as legal advice or opinion,

-does not create an attorney-client relationship between Köksal Law Firm and site visitors.


In addition, the information notes on our site may not reflect current legal developments and legislative changes.


Köksal Law Firm cannot be held responsible in any way for any loss of rights or damages that may arise or may arise from the information notes on this website and the actions and actions taken by the visitors based on the information notes provided on this website.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights regarding all information and logo on this website belong to Köksal Law Firm. It cannot be copied, reproduced or used without the written consent of Köksal Law Firm.

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